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A one-woman show created and performed by Isabelle Hopewell

Lifelong Shakespeare aficionado, Jane, realizes she must come to terms with the complicated relationship she has with her father, who introduced Jane to the bard in the first place. 


What began as a project where students could write and perform their own scripts through the University of Minnesota-Duluth, Isabelle used this as an opportunity to use journalistic research practices to influence her storytelling.  


Isabelle interviewed subjects from across the country to help better understand the impact of learning William Shakespeare’s work from an early age. Isabelle's favorite subject was nine-year-old Zoey who had been performing Shakespeare from the ripe age of six! 


Isabelle used the content from her interviews as groundwork for My Life with Will, but also implemented her findings in a research project where she explored how teaching Shakespeare can benefit elementary schoolers. Read more here

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Watch My Life With Will here:

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