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Born and raised in Minnesota, Isabelle doesn't remember a time where storytelling didn't play a significant role in her life. Growing up, she was often found directing/writing/starring in backyard skits where she forced the neighborhood to attend. 


Isabelle's first role beyond the confines of her backyard was child #47 in Eagan Community Theatre's production of Joesph and the Amazing Technicolored Dream Coat. After portraying such an iconic role, it was official. Isabelle had been bitten by the performing bug. 


Throughout high school, Isabelle was actively involved in the theatre, choir and speech programs. She went on to win the 2019 Minnesota State Speech Tournament in Extemporaneous Reading.

As college rolled around, Isabelle decided to pursue a degree in journalism at the University of Minnesota-Duluth. After just a few months away from the stage, she joined their BFA Acting program where Isabelle made being a double-major her entire personality.

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Isabelle explored the intersection between journalism and theatre during her time at UMD by utilizing journalistic research in preparation for theatrical works. Interviewing subjects has become a favorite tool to help understand the projects she works on, especially if they extend past her own lived experience. Learn more about her process here. 

Whether it be through acting, educating, directing, playwriting or dramaturgy, Isabelle hopes to create a more equitable and understanding world by collaborating with a range of people both in and outside the theatre community. Isabelle finds that connection, conversation, and compassion provide a powerful bridge between audience and actor. Story and society. Person and person. 

Isabelle facts to use at your next Isabelle-themed cocktail party...

  • Surprising everyone in every dance class she has ever taken, Isabelle is decently graceful in the water. She swam competitively for 10 years!

  • Self-proclaimed goat fanatic. 

  • Really good at being a third-wheel as her younger sisters are twins. And yes. She can indeed tell them apart.

  • Much to her own chagrin, she owns a red pick-up truck named Clifford.

  • Expert at buying books even though she has plenty at home.

Too Long, Didn't Read...

Isabelle Hopewell (she/her) is an interdisciplinary actor, writer, director and educator based in Minneapolis. She is a proud alum of the University of Minnesota, Duluth where she received her BFA in Acting and her BA in Journalism, graduating with both Latin and Departmental honors. With a love of language analysis, she is committed to finding the common ground between her multiple mediums in order to create truthful, grounded and socially-aware storytelling. In whatever story she tells, Isabelle finds that connection, conversation, and compassion provide a powerful bridge between audience and actor. Story and society. Person and person.

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